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We Tokenize Music

ENEFTIGO is an NFT marketplace devoted to music content. It will serve musicians, investors, collectors, and fans to jointly benefit from tokenized music assets. These includes: songs, instrumental music, lyrics, graphics, scores, collectibles, real-world benefits, royalty shares, publishing rights, master rights, performing rights, sync rights, and print rights.

ENEFTIGO is offering a full set of tools to transfer music content to the most stable, predictable NFT category in digital space – Music NFTs and Music Rights NFTs.

At ENEFTIGO, we strongly believe that the long-term, stable future of the NFT business lies in binding the digital nature of NFTs with real-world values, such as music rights and their derivatives – music royalties.

ENEFTIGO facilitates building direct relationships that were not possible before the NFT era. Artists can sell NFTs directly to investors, collectors, and fans, cutting out the middleman and getting a much greater slice of the revenue pie. Buyers can benefit from obtaining royalty shares, unique NFTs directly from the Artists. This is a revolution that will change the entire music industry and transfer music assets to the world of WEB 3.0.

ENEFTIGO ‘s goal is to be at the vanguard of these changes, building WEB 3.0 music community, and supporting the development of the music industry in a new shape.

What are music rights NFTs and music NFTs?

ENEFTIGO Marketplace offers two NFT categories, designed to cover all possible music assets.

What are buyers' benefits?

For the first time investors, collectors will be able to purchase unique assets directly from Artists. These includes rights ownership and royalty share. Buyers will benefit from the NFT value increase gained by the uniqueness of the asset, popularity of the music and its creators.